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In my Town

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"Urban Poetry: Exploring 'IN MY TOWN'"

Film Title: IN MY TOWN

Year: 2016

Duration: 3 minutes

Synopsis: “IN MY TOWN” is an evocative collage of images, poetry, and music created by the then 14-year-old Sangay Linkins. The film explores the city in which he grew up.

Director’s Bio: Shyam Karki has more than a decade of experience working in audio-visuals. In addition to Nepal, he worked for a filmmaking company in Saudi Arabia. “Blockade” is his second directorial venture and his first feature-length documentary, following the hugely popular short film “Aayo Aayo Ayao” about Nepal’s April 2015 earthquake. He directed “Blockade” while working as an assistant director on two films by renowned Nepali documentary filmmaker Kesang Tseten.


  • Director: Shyam Karki, Timothy Linkins
  • Producer: Samson Film Production
  • Camera: Shyam Karki
  • Editing: Shyam Karki
  • Sound: Shyam Karki
  • Sound Design: Sukanta Majumdar
  • Color Grading: Kapil Parajuli (ValleyFX)

“The more I traveled, the more I realized fear makes strangers of people who should be friends.”

– Shirley MacLaine

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