Nepal Documentary Films can record and edit documentaries of your development project. We can either work with your team to outline, story-board, edit and produce your documentary or work more independently, depending on your requirements.

Development project documentaries in Nepal are an effective way to showcase the impact of development initiatives and to raise awareness about important issues in the country. Development projects in Nepal cover a wide range of areas, including education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, and environmental conservation. Documentaries that showcase the work being done by development organizations in these areas can help to promote awareness and understanding of these important issues.

Some of the NGOs we have worked for in the past include Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture (WOCAN), SOS Children’s Villages Nepal, etc.

Overall, development project documentaries in Nepal play an important role in raising awareness about development issues in the country and promoting the work being done by development organizations. Samson Film Production provide a platform for stakeholders to share their stories and help to create a greater understanding of the challenges faced by local communities.