In Nepal, no one can operate a drone flight without obtaining a permits; otherwise, Government officials will penalize you. So, if you want to fly a drone, you need to take permission from respected Nepal government offices: Department of Tourism and Ministry of Home Affairs.

Drones must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) in Nepal. If your registration is successful, a unique identification number is issued for your drone. All drone flights up to 200 feet in public spaces require approval from the local administration office.

Restricted Areas

The new rule related to drone operations has categorized the following regions as the restricted area for drone operations:

  • The airport area (up to 5 km) must be kept clear of all drone activity
  • The international boundary within the area of a 5 km horizontal distance
  • Religious, heritage, and sacred sites, up to a radius of 1 km
  • President, Vice-President, PM, VVIP office, and resident within up to 1 km aerial radius distance
  • Military and safety office up to 1 km and other safety departments up to 500m
  • Conservation areas, ores
  • Areas with conflicts and war

Other restriction areas, as stated by the provincial or local governments.

Registration of drones with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) in Nepal is mandatory. Those who fly without permission will be arrested or punished. Thus, we recommend you not to operate a drone without a permit.

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