In a nutshell, Nepal is The place for endless possibilities.

Snow-capped mountain ranges, pristine lakes, steamy jungles, desolate landscapes, alpine forests and unique wildlife on the one hand, world heritage sites and colorful festivals and cultural events on the other. Add to the mix the different ethnic groups and experiences and the fact everyone carries their own unique story. From heart-racing cliff honey hunters to thought-provoking menstrual seclusion, Nepal is visually unique with a thousand stories to tell.

The Himalayas
The Nepal Himalayas is home to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. It is also home to eight other of the world’s highest peaks. Climbing peaks, trekking routes, glacier lakes, icy rivers, Tibet-like landscapes, The Great Himalayan Trail covering the high country from east to west, and much more, offers visuals that change with the cloud patterns, sunrise and sunset, and the seasons. You can understand then why Nepal is extremely attractive to both tourists and story-tellers alike.