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Since its inception in 2015, Samson has been a trusted resource for those immersed in film production and those seeking expert documentary filmmaking and production services. Our comprehensive offerings span fixing, post-production, observational documentaries, line production, video digitization, project progress films, and logistics management. We tailor services to align with your creative vision, style, budget, and location.

Our seasoned team is committed to delivering top-tier service and creativity. We operate across various domains including short news narratives, observational documentaries, success stories, project progress films, feature films, and logistical coordination for pre-production and filming.

At Samson, we recognize the uniqueness of each project’s needs. Our strength lies in local insights and technical know-how, delivered consistently across all endeavors. While we cater to diverse film genres, our prime focus remains on observational-style documentary production in Nepal’s captivating landscapes.

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Samson's team of production fixers are positioned to assist production companies all over the world. If you are working on any productions - short stories, observation documentaries, progress report filming, etc - we are here to help you.

Shooting Permits

Samson can obtain the shooting permits you need for motion picture shooting in Nepal. This is a complex business requiring negotiating the red-tape! Let us deal with this while you deal with other tasks. Film permits are needed for shooting in national parks and heritage areas. Permits may also be needed for public and private shootings. We can advise you and obtain these permits on your behalf as per your need.


Samson’s editing suite, color grading and rendering of VFX and SFX provides high quality post-production services.

Line Production

As line producers, Samson provides key members of crew for production work and to negotiate deals and source the right talent needed for a specific project.

Logistics and Travel

Samson provides all the logistics required for film making in Nepal. It’s not easy to arrange the logistics especially when working in a different country, so let us take the headache out of it for you. We can arrange your accommodation, location catering and transportation as required.

Quality Equipment Hire

Samson can arrange the rental of quality equipment for your project. We can discuss this in detail should you require to hire equipment.

Project Progress Filming

Progress filming offers a visual story which follows the progress of a project. A visual project report if you like. Samson works with NGOs, bilateral donors and private organizations who are working in the fields of hydroelectricity projects, construction projects and the area of human rights to give them visual representation.

Development Project Documentaries

Samson can record and edit documentaries of your development project. We can either work with your team to outline, story-board, edit and produce your documentary or work more independently, depending on your requirements. Some of the NGOs we have worked for in the past include Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture (WOCAN), SOS Children’s Villages Nepal, etc.


Samson can digitize a range of tape formats such as U-matic, Betacam, VHS-c VHS, Hi8, Video 8, DVCam, HDV and MiniDV using professional tape converters. In other words, we upscale old tapes into digital form. Whether you want to revive and preserve memories for future generations or wish to have a current digital record of your projects, we can do this for you.


Samson can provide animation for documentaries, if required.


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Explore the exceptional achievements of our films, including ‘IN MY TOWN,’ ‘Kehi Chaina,’ ‘U ayo ayo,’ ‘Travel is Plus Plus,’ ‘BLOCKADE,’ and ‘Wildfire,’ as they shine on the global stage with numerous Laurel Awards. Discover the accolades and acclaim that have made these films stand out in the world of cinema.

Client Partnerships

Proudly collaborating with global partners, our clients success stories fuel our creative journey in Nepal’s film production landscape.

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