Wildfire (डडेलो)

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"A Red Panda's Tale: 'Wildfire' Documentary"

Film Title: Wildfire (डडेलो)

Year: 2022

Duration: 10 minutes

Synopsis: A little red panda, a rare species, has become homeless as a result of the recent 16-day wildfire in the Nepali mid-hills, yet it’s one more symptom of the climate crisis that spares neither humans nor animals.

Director’s Statement: With this documentary, the director aims to shed light on the symptoms of the climate crisis that have led to the homelessness of a little red panda, a rare species. The director delves into various burning questions related to wildfires by interviewing different experts.

Director’s Bio: Mr. Shyam Karki is a documentary filmmaker from Nepal. He began his career by working and learning various aspects of audio-visual production in a multimedia company in Nepal. He further honed his technical skills in Singapore at Sony. Afterwards, he worked in the Gulf Cooperation Council, documenting construction progress, company profiles, various aspects of industrial work, and Arabic drama for two years. He returned to Nepal in 2013 and has since worked on various independent documentaries and news portals. His directorial works include “Blockade” in 2016, following an observational style of documentary filmmaking. Additionally, he directs a short-length documentary every year and has worked as an assistant director, cameraman, and editor on documentaries like “Castaway Man,” “Hospital,” “Trembling Mountain,” and “The Riyalist.”


  • Director/Writer: Shyam Karki
  • Producer: Samson Film Production
  • Camera: Shyam Karki
  • Editing: Shyam Karki
  • Sound: Shyam Karki
  • Sound Design: Bipin Sthapit
  • Color Grading: Kapil Parajuli (ValleyFX)

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.”

-John Ruskin

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